About us.

Who we are and
how smhaggle came to life

Know where to find the best prices for your groceries and never pay too much at the supermarket. From the start we wanted to implement for future grocery shopping experience what has been a standard online for long: To know what products cost at which retailer before we go there and where to find promotions and special offers, so that no one has to pay too much for groceries anymore

Therefore we created smhaggle: Your app which tells you exactly that and thereby supports you during your daily grocery shopping and even optimizes it, so that you never pay more than you need to.

How it all started…

The idea for smhaggle was born on a saturday 2017 in a supermarket in Idstein near Frankfurt am Main. Sven, the founder of smhaggle just finished to buy his groceries.

As it happens - and we all know this situation - he forgot to buy his favourite coffee and therefore stopped at another retailer as he was on his way back home.

At his first stop he already bought the food for his cats. Searching for his coffee in the second supermarket he saw that he cat food he bought previously was way cheaper at the second store. If only he would've known before...

An Idea was born and the challenge ahead was accepted. Two and half years later in October 2019 smhaggle has gone live: An app that optimizes your grocery shopping and helps to never pay more for your products.

What we believe in

We believe in fair prices within the food industry and fair consumption and we believe that we, together with the technical opportunities, are creating a new awareness about prices and consumer behaviour. This is what we call "Value Shopping".

Together we're going to show what fair prices are, where to find them and we're going to share them - with you as a consumer and a "smhaggler" as well as with other consumers and smhagglers.

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